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To make a purchase
To make a purchase it is enough to follow these some simple stages:
1-Choississez a category by clicking one of the buttons to the left of your screen, a choice of products will offer itself to you.
2-further to the description of the product you have a field in which you can register the quantity of product which you want to order, the quantity by default is only of a single product then if you want some it is absolutely necessary to specify it. Then click the button order.
3-An invoice appears with a partial total of your order you have then the choice to continue your purchases or to pay the invoice. If you did not finish your order, to click the button to continue the order to click otherwise the button to pay the invoice. A small yellow padlock displays. It means that the payment is secured.
4-A page asking you to register particulars for the invoicing, for the shipping and for the payment appears to you, you necessarily have to fill everything the fields which have a small red star on the left-hand side. If your address of shipping is the same that your billing address, you do not have to re-register all your address and phone number, to click to copy the invoicing in the delivery and all the information refers automatically of the invoicing to the shipping. Then, choose the method of payment and register the information which are connected with it. Click the button end and you will have a printable invoice with all the information which you have just registered.
Your order will be sent from reception of the payment.
The freight costs are free